Shari and Jaken {Married} | Mississippi Wedding Photographer

Red-blooded Paraguayan marries sweet country boy in upscale backyard wedding! Sure this happens all the time 🙂

All joke aside, Shari and Jaken could not make a more perfect match! Not because she is drop-dead gorgeous and he looks like Peyton Manning had a twin brother he kept secret, but because when they look at each other, they simply melt! And everyone around them…
I met Shari while she came to model at one of the photography classes I was taking and we stayed friends. Not too long after we met, she changed her Facebook status from Single to Engaged: I already liked her boyfriend, he was a smart guy to make that move!

I actually first met Jaken while taking their engagement photos downtown Mobile, AL. Far from what Shari had described as a shy guy, Jaken brought it big time and we had a ton of fun immortalizing their first kisses as a future family!
On their wedding day he was nervous, excited and thrilled to be marrying his beautiful Paraguayan girl! And I was freaking out to not miss any of their incredible moments together!

I wish for couples like this all the time! And boy, did I get my reward… I hope you like their featured full length wedding!


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