We’d like to think our fierce leader Laura brought it with her from Europe!

But the truth is, this fairly old tradition of a Bridal Portrait Session has been around for a long time and mostly established by the French heritage in the Southern states.

How does it work? The bride schedules a portrait session focusing solely on herself, which takes place well before the wedding day.  She is photographed in her wedding dress, she might also have hair and makeup done by the same artist she’s planning to use on the wedding day.  The resulting photos are kept secret, and in many cases a large print from the session is later displayed at the wedding reception.

Deciding whether or not you want to have bridal portraits done is purely a matter of personal choice!

So why do it?! One of the best reasons about a bridal session is to see how all the elements fit together. Almost like a test drive, just with extra makeup and champagne!

It’s not only exciting to see how gorgeous your shoes peep under your dress, but you’ll be able to tweak anything that isn’t the way you imagined. For example, if you schedule your hair and makeup trial run for the same day as your bridal portraits, you will be able to see how your beauty look translates in photos.

You will also have more one-on-one time with the photographer and be able to practice moving and posing in your wedding dress so you can be a pro on your wedding day!

This is a chance to get extra special photos of you all glammed up, without worrying about the wedding day timeline. It’s a lot of fun and it’s your chance to focus on just looking amazing. Click on to the Info and Investment Page to send us an inquiry.