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I spent a long time staring at the cursor on a blank page this morning. It was a wonder how I could put into words what this day meant. Peyton and Addison are just the kind of people that come into your life and make the biggest impact on it! Their beautiful wedding at the Weeks Bay Plantation was one for the books!

From the proposal to an engagement shoot, to bridal session… during the span of a year, we all worked together to plan and shoot some amazing photos of this beautiful couple in meaningful places.

The Dauphin Island Beach and pier, their beautiful cottage home on the island, the front porch of Peyton’s childhood home that carries such great sentimental value to the whole family, a family’s estate in West Mobile County and last but not least… the beautiful Weeks Bay Plantation that was to be host to one of the biggest most fabulous weddings I have ever photographed…ever!!!

Here’s how it all started…

The Proposal

When Addison called me out of the blue, I immediately understood the sweetest life change that was about to take place. And after speaking with Mrs. Kathy, Peyton’s mom, we just had to team up in helping him make this proposal as special as the girl he was planning it for!


Dauphin Island Beach and Pier

After much debate and scouring the island up and down for the best places, we decided the Pier was going to be the meaningful place Addison would wait for Peyton. The second she would see him, she would know what was going on, but that was absolutely ok. And so it unfolded into the cutest roller coaster of emotions leading to a couple’s journey into becoming a family!


Cozy Fun Cottage and a ‘Trooper’

As I wanted to get to know them as a couple and how they are around each other, we planned the engagement session for Peyton and Addison. And let me tell you, when ‘beach’ and ‘doggie’ are in the same sentence (or session!) together… magic happens!

Peyton and Addison are huge animal lovers; it was a no-brainer that Addison’s chocolate lab Trooper was going to be part of this engagement photo shoot. You can absolutely tell his excitement by the massive yawn right as ‘mom and dad’ share a kiss ????

Cozy, fun, and involving Trooper the dogge – the future Waller home on Dauphin Island was the proper start to a really fun Sunday!

Ohhh, Beach Engagement in January?!

After a few photos with an understandably bored doggie, we headed outside. The January wind made its presence felt during the Pier portion of our shoot and made for some super cute fun wild hair photos!! Peyton’s cheerleading days also came in handy at one point… guess you can see why ????

Our next itinerary stop was the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. This little-hidden gem on Dauphin Island made all of us long for summer, with its rich tropical greenery on the way to the beach. That’s where Peyton and Addison were feeling right at home. Did I mention they are both very outdoorsy? Fishing and hunting are just two things they are so incredibly passionate about!

Longleaf pine trees, wild beaches and the sweetest couple in the crisp winter sun. These were just what the doctor ordered on a quiet January Sunday!


Chilly Gorgeous October Wedding

We started with a windy cloudy, rainy morning. The girl squad got to hang out and get all glammed up at an incredible house on the bay, the ACTUAL Weeks Bay… boats and piers and all the gorgeous views that come with it!

The trolley from Old Shell Trolley Club took Peyton and the girls from the house to Weeks Bay Plantation. As with all instances of uncooperative weather, setup was still in full bloom at the venue. So in the feels of the moment and sweetest pleas from Peyton, we sprung into action and arranged a First Look with her and Dad right in the trolley (jumping over chairs to remove background items included!).

Weeks Bay Plantation

This venue was… insane. Insanely gorgeous, that is!!! As fall arrives late in our warm South, the entire Plantation was still very much green and vibrant. Just wait till you see containers of orange mini peppers just scattered around the front yard!

Addison saw Peyton for the first time in the blueberry rows at Weeks Bay. Their First Look was one of the most powerful connections I have ever had the chance to witness as they prayed together for the start of their new life and cried together for all the happy times to follow. Just… no words!

The clouds parted and it was clear sunny sky for the rest of the day. What a gift!

The sweet October golden light poured over them as they met under the greenery arch. Surrounded by all friends and families, some close by, some from as far away as Brazil, Peyton and Addison said “I Do” to the beginning of their lives together!

Weeks Bay Plantation

Biggest Thank You to Our Fabulous Team of Wedding Vendors!

The amount of planning, execution, personalization, and attention to detail involved in this event are just stunning. We will absolutely have to have a separate feature just for those beautiful details, which are. to. die for!!! (Y’all, we had a coffee + hot chocolate + apple cider bar… need I say more??)

Every single thing you could imagine was monogrammed, engraved or personalized: from gold foiled paper napkins, the tea, and coffee bar with favor copper coffee mugs and copper foiled coffee stirrers (seriously the most adorable tiny things I’ve ever seen!!!), monogrammed cloth napkins, gold brushed Waller crest cookies, personalized milk bottles for a milk and cookie bar, not to mention a stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous letterpress wedding invitation suite that just took my breath away.

None of it would have been possible without a hugely talented and dedicated team of rockstar vendors:

In the end, this was one incredible night! The sparse rain, the crisp October chill that kept us on our toes, they all faded away because this was time for the beginning of Peyton and Addison’s fairytale!

Without further ado, Mr. and Mrs. Waller!


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