My Leap Year!!!


29th of February. Once every 4 years.

It all began on December 22nd 2015, when – sick and tired of being trampled over and told off by people who don’t deserve the smallest fraction of what they’ve been handed – I walked out of a job where I made lots of money for someone else with hardly a thank you in return. But this is not about that.

It’s about being 38 and still getting used to a country and culture I had to learn from zero. Still finding my way. It’s about realizing I never had a dream of 9 to 5, but a dream of one day changing the world with great passion and hard work and insanely stupid ridiculous ambitious ideas (don’t even care if I’m 83 when it happens!!!).

It’s about going through dark times and coming out on the other side asking “what else you got?!”… and going through it alone, cause that’s what you’ve been taught – to suck it up and keep moving.

Well, I am moving. This time in the right direction. Not done learning and not done growing. Head first and never looking back.

Today I was welcomed with warm hearts and open arms into a group of young women entrepreneurs, all so smart and so strong and so ambitious, yet so gracious it was tearfully overwhelming. And my friends, the future looks so bright it’s almost blinding. Because for the first time in my life, I am calling the shots and I am making things happen. For me and the ones who matter most.

29th of February. Once every 4 years.

To some this will sound like just another social media babble by a chick who likes to write…

To me – this is MY leap year!

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