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April 8 doesn’t have a major significance for most people. But today was all kinds of special for me.
You see, 10 years ago on this very day, an Air France jet was landing in Atlanta. And a weird, skinny, clueless European girl was setting foot on American soil for the first time. Little did that girl know that 10 years later, the summer job she had signed up for would turn into a lifetime.
It’s been 10 years of finding who she is, of learning new ways and adopting new habits. 10 years of reinventing herself. 10 years of hell and high waters. 10 years of building a home, a marriage and a business. 10 years of growing older, maybe wiser, but certainly more awesome 😉
With all the good and the bad, I wouldn’t trade the last 10 years for anything. So let’s drink to that!!! And the next 10 🙂

PS: Ever since I started this wild photo journey and became more drawn to food photography, I’ve wanted to work with the Montego’s Cafe & Bar restaurants. Like… REALLY REALLY BAD!!! Well, persistence pays off… and that happened today. *cue champagne pop*
You know, to top off my special April 8.
Double awesome 😀

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