In lieu of introduction!

Hi all you fabulous people!

I’m Laura, or the Andrée in question. Just a middle name variation there 🙂

I’m addicted to smileys, all things geek and Altoids… in no particular order (well, this has some meaning! It is nice to have a minty… smile, no?)

Oh… and photography! Ah, yes, that’s why we’re all here, right?

I could say I’ve loved photography since I was a kid (how cliché!), that I stole my Grandpa’s camera to explore its mysteries and challenges (dork alert!), that I got into it because, at some point, life showed me how short it is and I should do what I love (true and painful!)… but, will all this make you decide I’m the gal for you?! Less likely…

My philosophy is simple: be humble, be good and learn from everybody. Rock your music loud and enjoy the ride. I also believe if you put your soul into everything, awesome things will follow…

So here’s my take: if you’ve come this far on this corner of the web is because you liked my photographs. They do reflect what I put into them: all my heart and soul. Period. It’s all I have and it’s all I give. To EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON! Always!

(A little peek-a-boo of a favorite portrait and a favorite flower below – the always amazing Anna and a whimsical yellow Poppy filtering the sun)

Anna_Flower_Composite In lieu of introduction! Business Personal Portraits

So please read on…

For everyone: Yes, I will come to your special event, whatever it may be: party, anniversary, reunion, you name it, I’ll be there, just call me!

For new mommies: Yes, I will document the birth of the new precious life you’ve nurtured! Who doesn’t love cute cuddly babies?! Pick up the phone and let’s talk!

Ahhh, for lovely brides: Yes, I will smile and laugh and weep with you on your wedding day… heck, we’ll have the time of our lives, because that’s what it’s all about: HAVING FUN! Posing what needs to be posed, un-posing what needs to be un-posed and just… surprising the moment between moments… the ones that you blink and they’re gone ☺

I’ll be there to hold your flowers, fix the dress, tell you to say cheese (I SWEAR I won’t!), make the guys feel relaxed and be… guys, round up Aunt Jackie and Uncle Martin and the whole gang for the images that will be in your album for many, many, many… many years to come ☺

(I did warn you about the smileys…)

While a redhead European chick slinging around a really nice camera (ok, sometimes two!) might sound kinda awesome, I promise I’m there to make YOU look and feel the most precious and beautiful on your wedding day! After all, you’re only marrying the love of your life… ONCE!

My approach is simple: wedding day coverage with 2 photographers starts at $1900 and we go from there. We travel everywhere, just say the word… and get us there 🙂

I promise I won’t leave before the cake is served because I’ve reached my time limit… that’s just not nice. I have no time limit… I’m there for YOU!

Collections with the absolute sickest printed products you’ve ever seen start at $2800. Yes, I have samples for you to touch and feel… trust me, you’ll never want to let go!

Some people wonder…

• “What cameras do you have?” All Nikon. I shoot prime lenses, the ones with a golden ring and lots of numbers in the price!
• “Do you have back-up equipment?” Always!
• “Do you have liability insurance?” Honey, my insurance has insurance…
• “Will you do everything in your absolute betsest power (here I go making up words again!) to ensure my wedding day photography will go smooth?
I won’t miss Aunt Selena or Cousin Joey, because they wondered about and skipped the family photos?” You betcha, if not me, my assistant will!
• “Will you meet me before the wedding to go over details?” I wouldn’t have it any other way! Matter of fact, all my collections include an Engagement session to get to know you guys! Even a Bridal session, if you’d like to add it, we’ll rock some fashion and make duck-lip faces like fierce models… Tyra Banks, eat your heart out!
• “Will you work with me if I’m on a budget?” I’m a reasonable person, so yes, I will do my best, but don’t trick me with cuteness (like babies, puppies, kittens…) that I can’t resist ☺
• “Will you sign a contract with a retainer fee, so I know you won’t run away with the best man on my wedding day?” Ummm… I’m married, but thanks for being nice! And yes on the contract and retainer.
• “Will you take forever and a day to deliver the first proofs? Will my newborn child be 5 before I see my wedding photos?” The whole process of delivering finished products could take 6-8 weeks, but first proofs will be in a password-protected gallery within 2 weeks of the event, cross my heart!
• “Can I buy my digital files on a disc?” Absolutely! The personalized disc with your chosen digital files starts at $600, high-res, beautifully finished, not watermarked.

So, since we’ve been chatting here for a while now (me, mostly), why don’t we have some coffee, lemon water, sweet tea, whatever the day calls for and talk more about how I can make you shine… any time, any day!

I fall in love with all my clients; I make good friends and keep them for years, I photograph their children, seniors, weddings, their ventures and endeavors, their fabulousness and creativity… all because WE LOVE to have fun!

Don’t be shy… Phone, Email, Twitter, Facebook, smoke signals (well, that might get me in trouble with the Fire Department)… but anything works, really.

Just reach out… I’m here ☺


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