Happy Labor Day, you little busy bee! 

As September quietly rolls into our lives with traces of steamy summer heat, we take a break and celebrate.

Labor Day. First Monday of the month, we pay tribute to the hard working dedicated men and women who build this great country into what it is.

These little busy bees who never stop buzzing and never stop bee-ing ? (bring on the puns!)

And just as this wild ride of bee-ing in business for myself quickly comes to its first full year circle, now is the best time to put my best foot forward and go full steam ahead.

wp-1473083192867 Happy Labor Day, you little busy bee!  Personal

Behold what 2am can do to a small business owner. Yes, baby, we are about to go all social, all out! Bookmark us and stay a while, as we take a four month dive into getting to know you, our engaged tech savvy, eager to read cool stuff audience, and asking for your love and support in return!

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!!!

Happy Labor Day from our buzzy hearts to yours ?❤️?

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