5 Tips For Managing Wedding Day Stress

Your wedding day is one you’ve dreamed about since you were a little girl. It is a day that should be full of laughter, smiles, and memories to last a lifetime. Definitely not wedding day stress. Although planning for this day can become extremely overwhelming, especially the days leading up, if you follow a few tips for handling stress you can have a worry-free evening.

Delegate More Tasks

Face it, as amazing a planner as you may be, you should be the one enjoying each and every step of this planning process. Although you may feel as if it’s easier to put the pressure of tying ribbons and making place cards on yourself, you may actually be adding additional strain. Allow your family, friends and loved ones help in anyway that they can. By delegating specific tasks to others, you’ll be taking major pressure off yourself.

wedding day stress


Take Care Of  Yourself

As much as taking care of yourself is essential for everyday life, it’s especially crucial during this time. Allot a few days out of the week to go for a walk or jog. Exercise has a positive emotional and psychological effect by producing more stress-stabilizing endorphins. Although exercise is key, eating the right foods in moderation plays an important role in how you handle stress, too. Missing a meal will only leave you hangry (you know – hungry AND angry?!), and with as little patience as possible. To keep a clear mind, keep a balanced diet and don’t change your habits on your wedding day!

Designate A Wedding Day Contact

The big day is full of mixed emotions, and utter chaos. Between getting hair and makeup done, taking pictures, and making sure everything is in place, you can become overwhelmed fairly quickly. By designating or hiring one person in your life to take care of any last minute details, emergencies, or pick up’s so you don’t have to worry about it.

wedding day stress

Don’t Over Schedule

If you want you and your girls to have mani-pedis together, schedule a day before the wedding to do it. Waiting until the day of will only create chaos. Plan out what things are important to have done, assign the appropriate time slots and stick to them. Any small things can be taken care of in the days leading up to your big event. Wake up early, eat a good breakfast, sit back and enjoy this milestone in your life.


Set Aside Alone Time

The day of is full of exciting events with your loved ones, I get it. However, it is crucial that you set aside time to be alone. I know what you’re thinking, why would you want to be alone, but the truth is: this day is full of countless emotions. From excitement to nervousness, to even fear, this is a huge lifelong commitment, and even though you aren’t having any doubts you need time to be by yourself. Time to soak it all in, get your thoughts together, and most importantly, breathe.

wedding day stress

This is one of the most exciting days of your life! It also represents a huge turning point that you will remember forever.

Now you know some tips for avoiding wedding day stress!

Following and implementing these few tips you’ll be guaranteed to have a worry-free day that you will cherish indefinitely. Life can be stressful enough, don’t let your most important day be full of chaos.


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