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First, note to self: if you’ve developed the bad habit of coming in the house through the garage… do check your front door! You never know what surprise awaits!

On May 14th I had the wicked pleasure to be second photojournalist to a very special wedding of some very special people: Julia Bower Green and Seth Green. I was not their primary photographer, so I caught the real moments, hidden tears and stolen kisses!

Well, finally checking my front porch at somebody’s hint this morning (thank you Julia!) I found a package…

People, these guys took the time to send me a completely amazing gift: a very fashionable scarf and a totally gorgeous bracelet!

Gift_003 Blow your mind... | Alabama Wedding Photographer Business Wedding

The icing on the cake, though, was that they actually researched how to say “Thank you” in Romanian… I mean, that right there is thoughtful, people! I have no idea how they knew I was Romanian, most likely Facebook is to blame đŸ˜€

Julia and Seth, I thank you for the wonderful people that you are and to say I’m humbled to have met such awesome peeps like you doesn’t do it justice!

My final thought: people will sometimes, somehow, manage to blow your mind… in a very good way!

Setting aside the fact Banana Republic should update their library with diacritic fonts (“mulÅ£umesc” should have read :P), it was not the gift that got to me, but the fact they actually took the time to think about all of this and say it the right way!

This Romanian girl is humbled, to say the least…

Thank you Julia and Seth, you totally made my day… and my birthday!

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