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Blooming Waterlilies | Traveling Landscape Photographer

I’ve been a swimmer for 36 years and a few days ago I almost drowned in two feet of water. But at least I was surrounded by waterlilies!
So last Friday after arriving at Paul B Johnson State Park in Hattiesburg, MS… I went kayaking. Got in, put my paddle in the water and… promptly fell in the lake. Because I was so shocked that I was falling in, I opened my mouth to scream and accidentally swallowed water (read: MUD!!!)

I Have Been Kayaking Before, Folks!

FYI… I HAVE kayaked before, even at night, (pitch black over Mobile Bay, thankyouverymuch)!!!
But this particular lake was like “Nah, girl, not today!!” I think it took less than two seconds because nobody saw me fall, there was just a splash and me coming out with… vegetation on my head ????

New Phone, Who Dis?!

May my old Pixel phone rest in peace at the bottom of Lake Geiger. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance. Thank goodness I didn’t take my really expensive, really sensitive, really fancy, really mirrorless Sony for a swim. And I think I will now forever be obsessed with brushing my teeth to get that mud out!!!

There’s a new, taller, slimmer, sexier Pixel in my life. And a waterproof camera. Also, how in the world DID we function without smartphones????? The debate is open… because I basically missed and screwed up like 3 appointments because there was nothing, NOTHING to remind me!! The life of the overly engaged…

Give and Take: White Waterlilies

Well I can honestly say that some good came out of that experience.
After a spectacular sunrise over the foggy lake, I found the most beautiful cluster of waterlilies. They are my absolute obsession to photograph and had bloomed in perfect white pillows of happiness!!! Give and take, y’all… The lake took my phone and gave me this incredible view of my favorite little plants that grow nowhere else except muddy water!
PS: Sorry if you guys thought I was going to write about business or show cool wedding photos, I was told THIS story was totally worth sharing! My story of blooming waterlilies!



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