Breanne {Bridal} | Alabama Bridal Photographer

Breanne is a model. Breanne is a photographer. Breanne is a mother to a beautiful boy. Breanne is my friend. Imagine how excited I was when I received a message telling me she loved my work and she wanted me as her wedding photographer!!! Then double the excitement when I heard she wanted a bridal… Read More

Jessica and Rives {Married} | Beach Wedding Photographer

She’s the “beauty” manager of a beauty store. He’s an avid fisherman and a self proclaimed “handsome redneck”! They are madly in love and nothing about these two is ordinary. They adore their families more than anything else. He gave her an engagement ring that’s been in the family for six generations. And they had… Read More

Never Forget…

10 years ago, I was arriving home from my little boring job at the library, only to answer the phone to a friend’s hysterical screams: “Turn your TV on, the Twins are on fire!!!” For the next 10 hours, time froze. I was sitting in my chair shocked, speechless, tears running down my face, as… Read More