Inell {Bridal} | Alabama Bridal Photographer

Guess what I was up to like a week-ish ago? Ok, ok, I’ll just tell you 🙂 I was photographing this gorgeous girl at Fort Conde Inn, downtown historic Mobile, AL. Not only this location (kinda) fell in my lap by the grace of an amazing wedding planner (thank you Virginia Ann McKean!), it also… Read More

Jill {Bridal} | Mississippi Bridal Photographer

When this beautiful chicky told me she wanted to do a bridal session, I literally squealed with joy! We found the gorgeous Redding House in Biloxi and went on to have fun. Let me tell you, Jill couldn’t have a bad photo if she tried… She’s just that kind of girl that radiates joy and… Read More

Lillie {Bridal} | Alabama Bridal Photographer

What does a photographer do on their wedding anniversary? That’s right, go take bridal photos of one of her beautiful clients. When Lillie told mer their upcoming wedding was going to be at the gorgeous Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, I felt this urge to do her bridal portraits in the classical mansion surrounded by secular oak trees. We… Read More